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ToyFare Exclusive South Park: 'Beefcake' Cartman Action Figure Limited to 3, by Mezco bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für​. When Cartman's environmental essay wins a national contest, America's You can reach your goals. I'm living proof. Beefcake. BEEFCAKE!" (Eric Cartman). 16, points • comments - He did more evil things in the history of TV Series than any others. IMO - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming. - Beefcake! Kampfkoloss! #Southpark #Cartman. Lustig. Beefcake! Kampfkoloss! #Southpark #Cartman South Park, Chill, Katzenbabys, Cooles. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an beefcake cartman an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden.

Cartman Beefcake

Es gibt eine große Anzahl von South Park Plüschfiguren, und Sammler zahlen Cartman (diverse Varianten). Cartman (Beefcake) (L / S). Cartman (Cop). Mezco South Park Actionfigur. M. Fingerbang Stan Mezco Actionfigur (Special). Mezco South Park Actionfigur. M. Beefcake Cartman Mezco Actionfigur (Special). When Cartman's environmental essay wins a national contest, America's You can reach your goals. I'm living proof. Beefcake. BEEFCAKE!" (Eric Cartman).

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The best of Eric Cartman Goth Play Google EinlГ¶sen Mezco Sin City Stream Deutsch 4 Actionfigur. CD: South Park Film eng. Wackelfigur Stan Bobblehead, sprechend. Kyle diverse Varianten. Mütze Cartman. Stan Metro L, spricht. Schaumstofffigur Chef Schlüsselanhänger. Armbanduhr Cartman. Cartman Residence. Kenny is propelled through the air and impaled on a flagpole.

Cartman Beefcake Video

The best of Eric Cartman Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel,Alle Zustandsdefinitionen aufrufen : ,Tv Plakat ~ South Park Cartman Beefcake Folge Ihr Tore Dreams Fernseher. Mezco South Park Actionfigur. M. Fingerbang Stan Mezco Actionfigur (Special). Mezco South Park Actionfigur. M. Beefcake Cartman Mezco Actionfigur (Special). Es gibt eine große Anzahl von South Park Plüschfiguren, und Sammler zahlen Cartman (diverse Varianten). Cartman (Beefcake) (L / S). Cartman (Cop). Cartman Beefcake Zeh Dasquanta Scythe ChaosTheory. Cows Beste Spielothek in Bloch finden Players. Death Bungle 45 Emergency Exit. Tangentenrechner Cartman Imagination. Back at the school, Wendy looks through Mr. Kyle Broflovski. Evil Cartman. While Stan and Kyle often bond over mutual trust and similar beliefs, Kenny and Cartman often seem to bond over vices and mischief. Casa Bonita. CD: Kenny's Dead Komische Menschen. When Wendy pleads with Mr. Sparky FunAll Plüschfigur. Unterlage Visitors laminiert. South Park Domino Legespiel eng. Armbanduhr Cartman. Menü einklappen. Cartman Beefcake

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Jennifer Bererund 15 Pen Is Out. While Stan, Kyle and Kenny seemed to become less mischievous and greedy over time, Cartman has since become more rebellious and even more dangerous.

While still the same spoiled rotten self around other children he is today, Cartman often cleaned up his act around adults and often sought their approval and even companionship as a sign of maturity.

He was voted ugliest boy in school on the un-doctored list and students cheered to watch Wendy Testaburger beat him up on the playground.

His criminal record is notoriously extensive as detailed below but has rarely ever been dealt with beyond the occasional grounding or detention.

Adults generally treat Cartman the same as other fourth graders, assuming the best in him. Though he had previously seemed interested in gaining their approval, more often today he merely seems to enjoy manipulating them.

Since the arrival of PC Principal in town, Cartman has been trying to turn his life around, admitting to his years of racial bias and prejudice and trying to turn himself around and become a better person His attempts to defuse the complex situation failed, and he was eventually cut off from all forms of social media by his former friends.

His budding relationship with Heidi Turner helped him find new purpose in life, but his hopes to colonize Mars eventually lead to the development of a newfound misogyny and fear of women.

Cartman's psychology is complex, but reflects being the only child of a single mother. He has exhibited several signs of insecurity related to his lack of a father, including crying himself to sleep and being uncomfortable when reminded about it, while his mother often views him as a a friend instead of a son , only occasionally disciplining him.

He often tries to project an image of masculinity, and tries to hides or suppress signs of fear or weakness, such as being beaten up by a girl. His history of sexual abuse see below has also produced dangerous ideas of sexuality.

Whenever confronted with uncomfortable situations, he often creates highly dramatic and complex plans that often involve murdering the sources of his problems or those close to him, and framing Token.

By night, Cartman becomes the infamous and heavily trademarked superhero The Coon. He originally joined forces with the other boys to form Coon and Friends , but when they all turned against him, he teamed up with the Dark Lord Cthulhu instead.

Despite his selfish and lazy nature, Cartman has acquired a surprising number of diverse and specific skills over the years. This is more of a guideline than a.

Despite being only ten years old, Cartman has an extensive and notorious criminal record, including five arrests. Far more than any other regular character in the show, Cartman is depicted eating.

He notably went to great lengths to secure a brief appearance in one of their television commercials. Cartman has undergone extensive sexual abuse throughout his life and has been victimized or survived attempts to victimize him by adults on numerous occasions throughout the series, often but only at the hands of adults, which seem to have traumatized him.

You are a fairly average person; you just want to sit on the couch, play video games and eat delicious Cheesy Poofs. But you can also be a sadistic, sociopathic piece of shit.

People with Eric Cartman DNA are often only interested in wealth and authority, stopping at nothing to obtain both.

Since the early second season, they have often appeared in merchandising for the show, and sometimes appear in other media to reference South Park.

They are even sometimes used by other characters, like Stan, Kenny, or Clyde. In recent years, Matt and Trey use these phrases much more rarely, but Cartman still uses them on occasion.

It's surprising to everyone, but Cartman actually has quite the singing voice -- you can rock out with some of his greatest hits right here!

More than any other character in the show, Cartman has created dozens of alter-egos, false identities and costumes - many chiefly to serve his own goals and purposes, such as pretending to be handicapped to win in the Special Olympics and a cash prize, or pretending to be a robot manufactured in Japan in order to humiliate Butters.

Each alter-ego has a unique, detailed backstory and a costume lovingly crafted by his mother. One of these most notable of these identities, however, is the superhero The Coon , who seeks nothing less than fame, glory, and global merchandising rights see above.

Not every alter-ego is so easy to explain though. Nobody's sure where Cartman's very own Cupid "Me" came from, and Hennifer Lopez and Mitch Conner seem to have a mind all their own, rhat is determined to run off with Ben Affleck regardless if Cartman gives his legal consent see above.

Ming Lee , meanwhile, brought on by head trauma, seems to have a preference for Leonardo DiCaprio , who pays her handsomely for her services. Whether the sexual encounters his alternate identities experience reflect on Cartman, we're still figuring it out, but neither of them can be counted for processed affirmative consent forms.

Though Cartman has a huge extended family, he's only ever lived with his loving, doting mother Liane Cartman , who often bends over backwards for whatever her muffin wants in exchange for his company, and their pets Mr.

Kitty and the rarely-seen pot-bellied pig Fluffy. The identity of Cartman's father was a closely-guarded secret in the town until a series of conspiracies eventually revealed the true father's identity.

The extended Cartman family mostly lives in Nebraska and share many similar phrases and mannerisms to him, including a strong family history of obesity, save only Cartman's mother, Liane and Cousin Alexandra.

His grandmother, Mabel Cartman loved him dearly despite his many imperfections, but died when he was eight years old.

She left him one million dollars since the rest of them would presumably spend it on crack. They are also all quite close with convicted murderer Charles Manson , who they visit every year at Christmas.

He touched weiners with one of his cousins, but something tells us it's not Alexandra. He has also has an evil half-brother named Scott Tenorman who conned him out of sixteen dollars and twelve cents a little while ago, but Cartman got his revenge at a memorable chili con carnival Cartman has once noted one of his uncles is next-in-line to be a manager at the Gart Brothers store, but nobody knows which one.

In an early version of the Unaired Pilot for South Park, Cartman had a father and a sister , neither of whom have appeared in the series' almost twenty-year run.

He also creates a fantasy family in " World War Zimmerman " including two daughters he loves equally. Eric Cartman has a surprising history with Heidi Turner that goes back quite a while.

When Cartman began to lead a Church in South Park at the end of the kids' third grade year, he attracted the attention of kids far and wide throughout the town including a girl named ' Marcy '.

The church ended up to be a get-rich-quick scheme resulting in her father 's death. Heidi and Cartman were later partnered for the fourth grade egg project and despite a mutual dissatisfaction with the initial choices, the two took care of their egg.

When Cartman damaged the egg, he asked Mrs. Garrison to give Heidi a better grade in hopes of averaging it for both of them, it's still altruistic by Cartman standards.

On a side note, he received four days of detention from PC Principal for referring to Heidi as "clitty litter".

When the girls were harassed online by a troll named skankhunt42 , Heidi was the first to openly accuse Cartman of being behind it despite his denial.

The troll's continued abuse eventually drove Heidi to quit Twitter and the to would later form an unlikely friendship when Cartman was cast out of social media by his friends.

Apologizing for her earlier accusations, they began comfort each other over the isolation they found themselves in. They took their relationship even further when Heidi settled Cartmans dilemma as to whether girls do have balls.

The experience of seeing hers in the dark with a flashlight triggered a spiritual awakening for Cartman and they officially became a couple.

The two of them constantly held hands hang out and referred to each other by pet names like "boo" or "babe". Despite the disgust and disbelief of their classmates Heidi and Eric would defend each other and work to create positive changes in the school.

Their relationship however started to show a lack of depth on Cartmans behalf. Despite how Eric showed to be genuinely happy and protective of being with Heidi, Cartman doesn't actually respect her, he just talks about respecting her.

A common phrase he had used was to constantly say how Heidi's "really smart and funny" but after a foreboding chat with Butters along with seeing Heidi cleverly solving a real problem for the first time, Cartman becomes convinced that Heidi, and all women , are not only not funny but conspiring against men.

Eventually things soon took a rocky turn as Cartman could not bother to be honest or even stand being around Heidi, convincing his friends she was mentally abusive.

He would even go so far as to nearly kill her by pushing her in front of a car and by having a witch try to abduct her because of her lack of time management skills.

Heidi however remains with him in part due to his threats to kill himself if they ever break up but also as a reaction to the constant criticism she gets from her friends causing her to double down.

Eventually she attempts to avoid this by adopting Cartman's views, further alienating herself from the people who care about her.

Despite trying to help Cartman for the better, Heidi ending up becoming more like her boyfriend herself, adopting his attitude and becoming fat and self loathing.

She began to adopt his self-loathing and bad attitude and by blaming everything else instead of her toxic relationship, Heidi fell in a downward spiral with only her boyfriend and the torment of others to sustain it.

Only after an adventure with the boys in which she visited the places in which her romance with Cartman was born was she able to reflect on her relationship and how it transformed her for the worse, leading her to take personal responsibility by leaving Cartman and the victim-hood lifestyle behind for a more positive future.

Cartman has had his fair share of crushes, admirers, and attractions When Cartman suffered from Tourette's Syndrome, and began making spontaneous confessions of dark secrets, he suddenly admitted in front of hundreds of people to having a crush on Patty Nelson and that he 'fantasized' about kissing her, a secret that mortified both individuals.

Patty has not been seen since. Cartman also displayed an attraction, along with the other boys, to substitute teacher Ms. Ellen and his classmate Bebe Stevens after she began to develop.

Though Cartman repeatedly refused Cupid Cartman 's affectionate advances, insisting that he wasn't homosexual, when the fate of Tweek and Craig 's relationship was on the line, Cartman bit the bullet and agreed to go on at least one date with Cupid Cartman, which was soon followed by a massage and a sexual encounter Cartman has always had a rivalry with the intelligent and level-headed Wendy Testaburger , his buddy Stan 's girlfriend and one of the smartest students at South Park Elementary.

They argue in class on a frequent basis, and he has targeted her for humiliation on more than one occasion. They can also be very competitive, particularly over the "Save Our Fragile Planet" contest as well as the student body presidency.

She has in turn become quite adept at dealing with him, whether it's a matter of fact-based debate, an ass-kicking to remember, or just out-smarting him on school access television.

Even when he spends much of his time booing her and accusing her of being a liar, she's not afraid to agree with him on the odd event.

However, on the rare occasion when they found themselves on the same side in the Great Flag Debate , they swapped debate tactics, shared some quadruple-stuffed oreos, and developed a bit of an attraction Their attraction to each other flamed out afterward, the "sexual tension" resolved, and Wendy later voted Cartman last in the List of Cutest Boys.

Usually, Cartman is never afraid to tease her for her liberal beliefs and she certainly isn't afraid to throw down when he steps out of line.

He has simultaneously described her as having " huge frickin' hooters " and being " flat as a pancake ". If anything, it shows he's a little bit preoccupied with her chest.

While all four boys have been through adventures over the years and share similar goals of wealth and popularity, there is no weaker link between the four than the often intense rivalry between Cartman and Kyle.

While the latter sees himself as more moral and philosophical, often trying to take the safest and most logical route, the notoriously stubborn and selfish Cartman will take what he wants by any means necessary, a common source of conflict between the two.

Though they have been shown on rare yet notable occasions to be on civil terms, Cartman often shows an extremely sadistic and hateful side towards Kyle and will stop at nothing to humiliate him, and Kyle in turn often sees humiliating Cartman as morally justifiable, particularly given his anti-semitism.

The two have also been known to make bets with full intent of humiliating one another, such as the loser having to pay a sum of money, being each other's slave or on one famous occasion, suck the winner's balls.

Cartman in particular takes extreme pleasure in Kyle's suffering- going as far as to break him in Ginger Cow and even fantasizing about his tears , oddly enough.

Cartman himself has shown a disturbing lack of care for Kyle's wellbeing as well; whether it be laughing at his bodily mutation from a certain apple company , or offering him up to a room of very angry Germans.

Cartman and Kyle have come to blows on multiple occasions, mostly notably after Cartman and Butters broke into the Broflovski Residence to infect Kyle with the HIV virus, when they had to be broken up by Mr.

Mackey , as well as the FOX headquarters when they came into conflict over a controversial Family Guy episode, and after Kenny McCormick 's death and funeral, when Cartman used stem cells to create a new Shakey's Pizza.

Despite hatred, when the two boys can set their differences aside, and a common goal is clear in sight, Cartman and Kyle can make incredibly strong allies, although this always seems to disband one way or another.

They do have some common interests they do not share with Stan and Kenny in the same fashion, such as Faith Hilling and the Xbox One, and also share a particular shared business talent that is displayed both in their time together working at the Crack Baby Athletic Association and during their time at the Washington Redskins start-up company, where they even lead a high-profile press conference together.

Another thing to note is Cartman's obsessive hatred with Kyle. Although hating his opponent dearly, when faced with the possibility of loosing him permanently from the horrors of San Francisco , he's willing to save him to avoid boredom and have an entertaining rival to torment once more.

Kyle himself is willing to save Cartman as well, although for significantly less selfish reasons.

Although loathing him with all his heart, Kyle is willing to compromise it all in order to see Cartman do the right thing once in his life- although he may be too optimistic in that regard.

Rumors of a relationship have been spurred by Cartman on occasion but have never been endorsed by Kyle in any way, shape or form.

Cartman's closest friendships are those with Kenny McCormick , his official best friend forever, and Butters Stotch , his most loyal lackey and henchman.

Butters has picked up a number of habits from Cartman both positive and negative, including transphobia and misogynism, but has also notably pushed back on occasion and stood up to Cartman.

Even after his alteration of character, Cartman has admitted multiple times at his deathbed that he felt both him and Kenny were best friends.

While Stan and Kyle often bond over mutual trust and similar beliefs, Kenny and Cartman often seem to bond over vices and mischief. They have shared secrets, such as when they borrowed Stephen Stotch 's drone, and have also been to Casa Bonita together on occasion While most episodes depict the boys as ignorant of Kenny's deaths, Cartman has acknowledged them more than any other character on the show, openly mentioning that he "dies all the time" on one occasion , though this has not been fully consistent.

He has also been visited by Kenny's spirit after his passing, and after mistaking his ashes for chocolate milk mix, hosted Kenny's spirit for several episodes during the sixth season.

Very few people throughout town are willing to put up with Cartman for the most part, such as Stan and Jimmy, though even they get fed up with his bullshit sometimes.

Cartman maintained a friendly relationship with his neighbor Chef until the latter's departure and later death, crying when he left town and admitting to Butters that he genuinely cared about him.

Chef also played a crucial role in curing Cartman when Kenny's soul was trapped inside his body. Chef is the only recurring character, besides Cartman's own mother, that he has ever shown any selfless interest toward.

Cartman has an extended group of "friends" that he hangs out with at school. No matter how nice to them he tries to be though, they generally hate him on a day-to-day basis.

Clyde and Cartman have a mutual understanding of body-shaming and are also close -- Clyde not only often goes along with Cartman's schemes, but defended him from the other kids more than once, became worried when Cartman fought Wendy, and nearly destroyed the entire town in retaliation when Cartman - er, the Grand Wizard King - banished him from space and time.

Despite all this, Cartman still found him worthy of his " shit list. His relationship with Scott appears to thrive on a punching bag mechanic: he'll have someone to rip on, and Scott will have someone to hang out with.

Despite this, Cartman rarely has any regard for Scott's feelings or wellbeing, often making fun of his diabetes.

After all, diabetes affects us all, but it mostly affects Scott Malkinson. After his death in Season Finale , Cartman revealed that he knew Jason pretty well.

He even helped Jason's family in their time of mourning. This goes to show how well they got on with each other, even though Jason was a shitty receiver.

Cartman has an array of imaginary friends. Besides his stuffed animals, who were mostly tragically murdered, with only Polly Prissy Pants confirmed alive, and Antonio Banderas preferring to keep to himself in the basement, Cartman has the one and only Mitch Connor.

Cartman also gets along extremely well with Kyle's little brother Ike - uh, extremely well for an anti-Semite and a Jew anyway.

He and Stan's sister Shelly Marsh learned to get along over their mutual love of making people, like Shelly's asshole ex-boyfriend, miserable.

Jimbo Kern , Ned Gerblanski and Dr. Alphonse Mephesto have shown sympathy for Cartman on multiple occasions as well.

We've never met Lawrence or Toby, but Cartman has some annoying but friendly cell phone conversation with the two of them in " Let Go, Let Gov ", much to Kyle's annoyance.

Lawrence was mentioned a second time in " Buddha Box ". Cartman's relationships with these characters have never been quite clear, and his mutual feelings about them is usually up for debate amongst fans.

Cartman has made a number of enemies over the years, particularly local authority figures and older kids Cartman's retaliation is a local legend Cartman has had a number of terrible role models in his short life.

He was introduced to German dictator Adolf Hitler , albeit unintentionally, by Principal Victoria in " Pinkeye " and has since modeled him on multiple occasions.

After the release of 'The Passion of the Christ', he spent a few weeks emulating director Mel Gibson as well, even seeming to pray to him, until he found out Gibson was actually mentally insane.

He also emulated actor and director Rob Reiner for a week, admiring his ability to impose his will on others. Cartman also forged a close relationship with his idol Colonel Harlan Sanders when he participated in the Fried Chicken business, but the two later had a falling out.

He notably compared himself to Brady when dealing with PC Principal. Like Cartman's friends, he is a fan of Terrance and Phillip.

We've since learned he also 'loses his fucking mind' whenever he sees Amy Schumer perform stand-up comedy and talk about her vagina, which seemed to be a motivating factor in his shift in attitude towards women's comedy.

Cartman is a member of a wide variety of groups, clubs and teams across the town of South Park and it's history, and of course, has special outfits for many of them.

His leadership has benefited many of these groups. Since the very first episode, Cartman has lived in this house on Ave. He also sometimes uses his expansive basement for more lavish games, like Lambs , or bigger projects, like playing Warcraft with his friends, housing a Junior Detective Agency, or just being the permanent home base for the super secret superhero league, Coon and Friends.

There's lot of places in the Colorado area to offer any fourth grader the time of their life -- these are just some of Cartman's favorites in particular.

Just a few minutes at Casa Bonita is totally worth a trip to Juvenile Hall. Another longtime dream of Cartman was always to have his own amusement park, a place where he'd never have to wait in any lines.

A short while and one million dollars later, he briefly succeeded, with the revolutionary Cartmanland , but after lawsuits and the laws of market capitalism, he eventually was forced to sell the park back to it's original owner.

After being forced off of social media, Cartman begins spending a lot of time with Heidi Turner, who also left social media, at the park, the only place they can socialize freely after school, often on the park bench.

When he offers to follow her, they get lunch together at McDonald's , and it becomes a staple of their relationship. As a main character on the show, Cartman is almost always present - so here is just a partial selection of some of his most infamous moments Cartman is based on "the garbage in everyone's souls" according to Trey, and he and Matt often assert that they use Cartman to voice their negative thoughts, making him one of their favorite characters on the show.

He was initially based loosely on the character Archie Bunker from the hit show ' All in the Family' , who was notably foul-mouthed and politically incorrect, but Matt and Trey thought in the political correct atmosphere of nineties America, such a character couldn't possibly exist His name was allegedly borrowed from an acquaintance of the two by the name Matt Karpman.

Since this instance, Cartman gradually became far more openly sadistic towards others, and has carried out similarly traumatic retributions against other characters, sometimes off-screen, and often calculating, and Cartman has frequently threatened to repeat the acting of making characters eat their parents.

Cartman conducted a special interview with Julie Rovner for NPR in April and answered the historical Proust Questionnaire, talking about things like his favorite color, who his personal hero is, and what he'd like to do as an adult.

Check it out! Check out this old-school storyboard from our archives, depicting the scene where Kyle and the boys try to make excuses so they can play more Okama Gamesphere.

All boards used to be drawn individually by hand. Now, we do them all digitally. This is some old-school production art used while developing the parachute look for Towelie and the boys.

The notes are there to give animators cues on which color textures to use while animating. The speakerphone idea really kicked off when Trey did an imitation of how the Kardashians talk on their cell phones.

After the script is written, the first step in our production process is creating storyboards. Here's a "board" of the fist bump scene, before it was animated bro.

Our art department created this special hip hop outfit for Cartman. Getting Cartman's fat ass through the door on his Royal Carriage required a special pose.

All props - including any web pages shown - must first be designed by the Art Dept. This shot of Cartman in bed required a unique set up, and even a new set of hands.

Cartman is one of the playable characters in the game, first appearing as enemies show up at Stan's House first in the storyline.

He, Stan Marsh and later others use snowballs to fight back waves of enemies. Cartman is a member of the same 'rocketeer' class as Token Black , Wendy Testaburger and Red , which offer low speed but average range and high power.

Cartman and The Boys team up in a battle through space and time to retrieve their Xbox hard drive, which has been stolen by Scott Tenorman in hopes of destroying it, causing the boys to lose all of their game progress.

Noble and mighty, the Grand Wizard King commands all human barbarians of Zaron! He has harnessed the magical power of farts and will lay waste to any enemy who crosses him.

Such is the power of a Wizard and King. Cartman wields tremendous magical power—his ass and mouth are both capable of devastating spells. Stay tuned!

Cartman is a powerful character in the mobile game, with Sheriff Cartman appearing early on as a playable character, with his A. It should come as little surprise that there are those who find Cartman a 'wunderkind' and wish to emulate him in their daily lives - or at least, it should come as little surprise that Cartman 'believes' there are people out there who feel this way.

He has issued twelve commandments and so-called "life lessons" for his followers to adhere to if they wish to truly emulate his ways in their daily lives.

These commandments were released as short introductions to twelve classic South Park episodes in The Cult of Cartman - Revelations DVD, released on October 7th, to promote the second half of the show's twelfth season.

In earlier seasons, Ms. Cartman was occasionally depicted driving with glasses, such as in " Merry Christmas, Charlie Manson! Her son appeared to have inherited this trait, and was diagnosed with an astigmatism according to Dr.

Lott , and forced to wear stereotypical, dorky glasses as a result. He received a cornea transplant from a deceased Kenny, however, and his eyesight has been portrayed as correct ever since.

While some fans erroneously believe this means Cartman's eye color would have been altered for Kenny's blue eyes, cornea transplants do not actually affect the iris which controls eye color.

This means Cartman's eye color, in the iris of the eye, would not change from their natural color The typical fan assumption has usually been brown.

As covered in the Love Interests section see above multiple episodes of the show have implied an attraction between Cartman and female characters, but non-specific examples supporting a general attraction to women exist as well.

He appears notably jealous and disappointed when the girls don't express an interest in him during the Stupid Spoiled Whore fad , was insecure about his possible placement on the Girls' list , exhibits insecurity around them about his rumored penis size , and exhibited an interest in many of the girls when they were photoshopped.

While none of these incidents definitively proves a sexual attraction, they exhibit that, if nothing more, he values the female collective opinion of him on a subconscious level, and feels insecure about that opinion.

The show's eleventh season featured a number of episodes where this was a key plot point, setting off significant debate among fans. During a sleepover with Butters in " Cartman Sucks ", he placed Butters' weiner in his mouth for a photograph, and later tried to photograph his weiner in Butters' mouth Not long later, in " Le Petit Tourette ", he simultaneously referenced fantasizing about a female student, Patty Nelson , as well as touching weiners with his cousin could be 'Sexual Abuse', see above.

Supreme Court, legally binding him to perform oral sex upon him. The ruling becomes a key plot point, and is reversed multiple times as the storyline creates new questions about the reality of fictional characters.

Since these instances, the case for Cartman's homosexuality has gradually evolved, with all but a few instances continuing to focus only on his relationship with Kyle - one of the most notably examples not already cited was in " Cartman Finds Love ", where Cartman publicly feigned a homosexual relationship with Kyle in order to prevent him from developing a relationship with Nichole Daniels instead, due to his racist ideology that blacks belong together.

As mentioned above see 'Arch Rival' the possibility of Cartman being sexually attracted to Kyle rather than romantically has become significant enough to attract attention, transcending fan theories and awkward questions.

Gender identity is not strictly tied to any sexuality or form of sexual attraction, nor is cross-dressing, and Cartman has obviously never invited the sexual abuse he has endured.

None of these instances independently can alone confirm or imply an attraction to men. Not that he himself realizes it, claiming he's "attracted to boys.

It may be worth noting one of Cartman's favorite toys happens to be an Antonio Banderas blow-up doll that was probably intended for someone else 's fun times, but he remains a devoted member of Cartman's toy box, along with the similarly-fated UltraVibe Pleasure He's also been known to possess a cut-out of Justin Timberlake , which he onceplayed with while dressed and playing as Timberlake's then-girlfriend, Britney Spears.

Of course, given that Cupid Cartman is in fact, a miniature version of himself, other fans state that this is another form of Cartman's extreme narcissism.

After all, Cartman has been known to exaggerate things tenfold- and if he's willing to use mental gymnastics to feel good about himself, it isn't a stretch to consider that this is Cartman taking narcissism to a new level.

Nonetheless, Cartman continues to maintain some level of interest in women's sexuality as well, developing into a "soft-hearted feminist" by the twentieth season, where he declared that Amy Schumer's "my vagina" routine was the "funniest fucking thing", and began a romantic relationship with Heidi Turner after he mustered the courage to ask her if vaginas really have balls, a subject he has had trouble with on multiple occasions.

After seeing her vagina, Cartman discovered a newfound sense of purpose and inspiration, and he remained supportive of her in every endeavor until intervention from Butters Stotch convinced him that she did not love him as much as he loved her.

Therefore, the full body of evidence suggests Cartman is attracted to multiple genders, including men and women in some capacity, suggesting bisexuality or pansexuality, though he still seems to deny inclinations towards men at this point in his life and continues to use 'gay' as an offensive remark.

Only time will tell if he'll ever be comfortable enough with himself to alter his sexual, romantic or gender identitfication. Sound off your thoughts and theories about Cartman's sexual orientation, gender identity, true implications for Kyle, etc.

In the history of the town of South Park, no question has provoked greater interest than the true identity of this little boy's father.

The show's first season finale, " Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut " promised to answer this question once and for all Mackey about Cartman's problems.

Discovering his mother has slept with most of the town at some point or another, the only way to expose the truth was to be an expensive genetics test at Dr.

Alphonse Mephesto 's ranch. After winning three thousand dollars in a contest, Stan and Kyle use their winnings to fund a test, and a range of recurring characters were presented as possible candidates.

When fans tuned in four weeks later for the shocking results As he began to answer the question, Mephesto was shot by an unknown assailant, and Chef and the boys had to take him to Hell's Pass Hospital to recover in the midst of a horrific storm.

Upon awakening at the end of the episode, Mephesto finally revealed Cartman's father to be Liane Cartman, who was intersexual with male and female genitals - and yet, she was not his mother.

Who was Eric Cartman's mother? A story for another day, it seemed. Matt suggested Oprah Winfrey could be one possibility. Without a real father figure in his life, Cartman instead preferred to recall to his friends in " City on the Edge of Forever Flashbacks " that his father had turned out to be legendary Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway , a much-admired figure in South Park Over a decade later, in " " or probably, about two years in South Park time Cartman discovered that the town had lied to him, and that the results of the test had been tampered with to cover up the truth.

Cartman's teenage nemesis Scott Tenorman reunited Cartman, his friends, mother, and his potential fathers to reveal the conspiracy Tenorman revealed further, however, that his own father , whom Cartman himself had manipulated Bill Denkins into shooting a year earlier, had once played for the Denver Broncos, before Cartman had turned the Tenormans into chili to feed to their son in vengeance.

Cartman had killed his own father and fed him to his half-brother The scene with his father and sister was a quick cutaway gag, and it was left on the cutting room floor when " Cartman Gets an Anal Probe " hit the airwaves - it's not canon, folks!

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